CF One Program

High School Credits
What is a CF One Card? 
The CF One Card offers rewards, discounts and services to all members of the Canadian Armed Forces Community. It is the one card you need to access programs and services delivered by Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services.

Current youth aged 12-18 years of age participating in the Sea Cadets, Air Cadets or Army Cadets. *Cards expire on the 19th birthday or 3 years from card issue date, whichever comes first. 

How to Apply
  1. ​Sign-up here: 
  2. Choose your preferred language > Click Next Step
  3. Under Applicant (What is your affiliation) select Active or retired civilian employee of
    the Canadian Armed Forces Community, includes DND, NPF, DRDC, DCC, CSE, RCMP,
    Canadian Coast Guard, CADETS and Junior Canadian Rangers
    . > Click Next Step
  4. Under Applicant (Which applies to your affiliation) select Extended Defence and
    Security Team
    . > Click Next Step
  5. Under Applicant (Extended Defence and Security Team) select CADET. > Click Next
  6. Fill in the First and Last Name of the CADET who is applying for the CFOne Card. > Click
    Next Step
  7. Fill in the DOB (Date of Birth) and Gender of the CADET who is applying for the CFOne
    Card. > Click Next Step
  8. Select the preferred Salutation of the CADET who is applying and upload Proof
     (download the image below and upload this “token” as the
    proof of cadet membership). > Click Next Step
  9. Fill out remaining personal information of the CADET who is applying (phone number,
    address etc.…) and Submit the Application.

Enjoy the Perks