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Interested in starting an adventure of a lifetime?

Step 1: Learn about the program.

Sea Cadets is one of three elements of the Canadian Cadet Organization. As a Program, our aim is to: Along with sailing, sports, outdoor adventure training, first aid, learning about shipboard life and naval traditions and marksmanship, our corps also has an active Music Program.

Cadets are required to partake in fundraising activities to help support unit activities and administration. To support the GRILSE’s activities and needs, our sponsoring Branch of the Navy League asks each Cadet for a $200.00 administration fee. To learn more about this admin fee, and options for paying it, please contact our Navy League Branch at:

Step 2: Eligibility.

To Join Sea Cadets, you must: The CO of the cadet corps or squadron shall review and approve all membership applications. In cases where a youth who has a medical, physical or mental condition which could cause issues with training, the CO will consult with our Regional Headquarters for guidance.

Step 3: Paperwork!

There’s a bit of paperwork to enroll: All information will be kept confidential, and stored securely in accordance with Government of Canada guidelines for personal information.

What happens next?


After you join cadets, you will participate in the New Entry Training Program, a five-week rotation during which you will learn about the fundamentals of the Sea Cadet Program. When this rotation is complete, you will move into Phase One (first year) Training, and begin your cadet career. Uniforms are generally issued within the first few weeks. After New Entry Training is complete, you are sworn in and will officially be a member of RCSCC GRILSE!